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For Teachers - Getting Started

Was there something you read on this site that started the wheels turning?  Do you have a few questions?  Then feel free to call or send me an e-mail.  You won't get a sales pitch, just straight answers to let you decide if you want to go further.


 If you are a teacher, you will probably need to get approval for any tour from your school administration.  Be sure to refer your principal or superintendent to this website, and if they have any concerns, particularly in regard to insurance coverage or unusual destinations, they are welcome to contact me.


Once you decide that you're serious about a tour, we can work out a tentative itinerary and within a week or so I'll be able to quote you a price.  From that point, I will prepare a written summary of the tour, along with a questionnaire, that you can distribute to your students for them to give to their parents.  Of course, it's up to you to get the word out in your school, and the more students that know about it the better, but keep in mind that I'm not looking for big numbers.  If there's a sincere interest in a proposed tour, and I feel a minimum number of twelve participants will likely be reached, I'll come out to your school, no matter where you're located, to meet with you, your students and their parents.


 It is imperative that you begin to prepare for a tour well in advance of when you expect to go.  This is particularly true of trips that involve international flights during the high season summer months.  Arranging air and hotels far ahead not only increases your options and secures space, it often saves a few hundred dollars as well.


If affordability is a crucial issue in your district, the first thing to remember is that I am totally flexible with itineraries and costs, and can put together a quality tour at a far lower price than any other student travel company.  My brother, who has been a high school math teacher and athletic coach for many years, and is occasionally involved in raising money for student sports programs, has given me some good suggestions that I'll share with you if you wish to go the fundraising route.  (And speaking of fundraising, please ask about a maverick idea of mine which is sure to be highly profitable.)   In addition, I can write a press release about an upcoming trip for you to submit to your local newspaper.  As a rule, small community publications are only too happy to print stories like this, since it's big local news, and given the proper publicity, they can be highly effective in helping to defray the cost of a tour.


I know that it's much more fun to sit back and fantasize about a trip than to start the process of organizing one.  There is work on your part involved here, and for your time and effort, you - the group organizer - travel free.  Only you know how much you want to do this for your students.  It's up to you to take the first step.