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Tour Info - Adult Groups & Individuals

Although I started Orinoco Travel primarily with high school students in mind, and they get first priority, I can also arrange any kind of group travel, be it boy scouts, college, faculty, corporate - and if you feel more secure with a seasoned traveler navigating the way, I'm available.


As with student tours, I can put together a trip based on your own specifications in regard to area, activities, length and cost.


If there are just a few of you or you're traveling alone, I can help because I also work as a freelance booking agent for Young Pioneer Tours ( and Adventure Center (  I've gone on trips with both and highly recommend them.  They've been around a while, and between them, you can go to just about any country that's not at war.  Having traveled to every continent except Antarctica (you can go there too!) I can answer any questions you might have, and address issues like health and personal safety from firsthand experience, as opposed to the often stale and misleading advisories you'll find on government websites.  I'll tell you what you should worry about (like malaria) and what you shouldn't (like terrorism).


And here's some parting advice from a man who recently turned 60.  If at all possible, travel while you're young - don't put it off!  I'm so glad I did it the way I did, rather than listen to the old refrain "Once I retire, I'll have a lot more time...."  Well, I'm not retired yet, and I probably have a few more trips up my sleeve, and I would never dissuade seniors from packing their bags and getting on a plane - but for any number of reasons, the younger you are, the more you'll get out of travel.